Ponting’s humour failure

I think Ricky Ponting is an amazing batsman, an astonishing fieldsman, and a so-so captain. Further evidence that he lacks in maturity is his over-reaction to some gentle fun poked by Phil Tufnell during the Allan Border Medal award night on Monday.

Ponting comes from a pretty tough background, and lacks a certain social polish. It’s not easy to know what to do in certain situations, and since I come from a coarse background myself, I can sympathise with Ponting here. And my advice would have been, lighten up, smile, say nothing, and make a note for later on.

It’s the things I never say that never get me into trouble.

I agree with Ponting’s point that an Australian award night might not have been the best place to give an Englishman free reign to gloat. But when you are lumped with this stuff, sometimes you just have to take it.

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