Mr Bond, my dear old thing

Ernst Blofeld, not henry
Blowers is cricket’s genuine marmite candidate. You either love him or hate him; there is no middle ground. Blowers’s critics might have a change of heart, though, with the news that James Bond’s arch enemy Blofeld (Ernst Stavro Blofeld for the anoraks among you) was named after Henry’s father! This via Rod at the Nutley:

“My Papa and Ian had known each other at Eton. When Ian was working on the novel that would become Thunderball in the early Sixties, he wrote to Papa telling him that he had come up with a new villain, that he wanted to name him Blofeld and would he mind. Exclamation mark, exclamation mark! Papa thought it mildly amusing and wasn’t in the least bit worried. Mind you, that was before any of the films had been made, so he had no idea how notorious Blofeld would become.”

My dear old thing, pigeons, buses. He’s utterly unhinged and should therefore be knighted immediately.

[via Nutley]

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