England XI vs New South Wales

It’s the tour match no one is talking about. Literally. After the shocking performance the other night, the first 3-dayer got a couple of mentions. But tonight, after consulting both my web sources (Cricinfo, naturally, and the Beeb) and finally the last resort of 24 hour news (Sky Sports, Sky, BBC) I’ve come to the conclusion that Britain is in some kind of denial. For a while I thought I was getting the date wrong.

The BBC now seem to be paying enough attention to note that England have lost the toss and have taken the field. As with most warm ups these days, England have managed to convince the opposition to let them field almost their entire squad in some way or another. Of the 14 players taking part, 11 may bat. Not making even the initial cut are Chris Read and Liam Plunkett.

I’m not sure which I’m more interested in. Some kind of live coverage? Or an accurate measurement of the size of Geraint Jones’ smirk?

Update: Cricinfo are back in the race! Click here for the scorecard. It isn’t linked from the main page. Cricket Australia seem to be slightly quicker in updating at the moment.

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