Cricinfo’s servers are cactus.

India are playing Pakistan, as I noted.. and I can’t access cricinfo at all just now. I saw that they were selling radio streaming, so I guess that must have been more successful then they thought.

Buy more servers, you guys!

India made 328, with Sachin Tendulkar making 100.

This is very annoying for me as I was about to write a post about South Africa’s match against Sri Lanka tomorrow with some interesting facts that I found on Statsguru!

Update- Wow, Pakistan won!

Must have been an interesting game. They are showing highlights on television tomorrow in Australia and I will make a note to see it. Sachin Tendulkar went past 14,000 ODI runs in his innings, the game itself was decided by the Duckworth Lewis method when the light got too bad, and Inzamam was given out obstructing the field!