Cheat? Who you calling a cheat?

Keeper pays for ‘cheat’ jibe – Cricket – Fox Sports

The sanction followed an incident during an English county championship match on Wednesday, after Sussex spinner Mushtaq trapped Read leg-before fifth ball for a duck.

After being given out, Read briefly returned to the pavilion before coming out to confront Mushtaq on the third-man boundary.

An angry exchange ensued in which Read, who had been irritated by Mushtaq’s appeals on earlier balls, used the word “cheat,” according to astonished spectators at the normally sleepy ground in Hove.

The penalty points remain on Read’s record for a period of two years. The accumulation of nine or more penalty points in any two-year period triggers an automatic suspension.

Read subsequently apologised for his outburst and Mushtaq was philosophical about the incident.

“These sort of things can happen,” he said.

“People get angry when they are disappointed and I have every sympathy for Chris, who is a fine cricketer. We’ve shaken hands and as far as I’m concerned that is the end of it.”

I’m glad that the players have resolved this issue amicably, and moved on. That is how it should be. This ‘points’ system smacks too much of football to be honest.