Benaud – the voice is back

Richie Benaud - The Voice

It’s not often that I can refer to two pieces in The News Of The World within a matter of hours. In fact, I can count on half my left hand the number of times I’ve read it in the past five years. It’s a fine publication I have no doubt, but I’d rather..well, I just think it’s crap.

However, I’d completely forgotten Richie Benaud’s famous and long-standing affiliation with the paper. He’s written for them since 1600, give or take a year, and I was amused to see the JPEG on their site (above) claiming “The VOICE is BACK“. The paper’s agenda is so clearly targetted at those with nothing better to do than scratch themselves in public, or eat microwaveable roast potatoes (I ask you – does anyone actually buy those things? What’s difficult about roasting a flipping tat?), so it’s amusing to see someone of Benaud’s stature and reverence rub column inches with ladies such as the one on the right.

Look at Benaud’s grin though – he’s loving it…

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