Barmy Army Ashes tours 2006-07

It’s been mere hours since I last mentioned the A word, so it’s high time we mentioned it – and the Barmy Army.

From humble, albeit boistrous beginnings, England’s Barmy Army has morphed into a commercial venture offering serious fans the chance to tour with Brits (and others) following England. From what I can gather, they’re a great help and offer great support to the team; during England’s darker days in the mid-1990s, it always brought a smile to my face that hundreds of people could drunkedly chant “Barmy Army! Barmy Army!” in the face of 70 for 8 with Gus Fraser at the crease. Not Gus’ fault, of course – in fact, he’s an utter legend in Barmy parts and even not-so-barmy parts.

With the own-goal netted by Cricket Australia this week, it looks like the Barmy Army (who according to an insider have deals and connections in the cricket-ticket-world – the illuminati, if you will; ticketing masons, even) have a feast of tickets to go along with their other tour offerings. See here for details.