A twist to Ashes photography

Without sounding too biased, the photography from Getty’s lot during last year’s Ashes was quite superior (in my humble op) to other tours. There were some outstanding sets released – I guess agencies, newspapers and the freelancers realise the spotlight it on the Ashes and they all make an extra effort to up their game, as it were.

There’s a new kid in town. Darryl Stringer did some unique Ashes photography last year and he tells me of his plans this year:

Hey Will!

I just wanted to let you know that my Ashes blog is up again:


All of the original photos, posts, and comments are up from last year’s series.
I’ve been posting for a month or two, but had wanted to get the design right
before going public. I’m already working on preparing photos for the
forthcoming summer as well. Should be fun!

Anyway, all the best with your coverage of the Ashes ’06/’07.

See you around!!

So keep an eye out for Darryl’s pics during the Test series.