A change is as good as any other headline

As always in international cricket, we're suffering from 'quiet day' syndrome. England aren't playing until the weekend, and we've finally got bored of rehashing Ashes hype (one month today folks!) so it's at last time to poke a former player for a controversial statement that we can gnaw on for a bit.

Of course, Boycott was always a fairly safe bet. Occasionally, it must be said, I can find it in me to agree with the man. But suggesting a national coach should resign literally 31 days before the biggest series in cricket because he has hit his "shelf-life"? Suggesting Fletcher was incompetent would at least have a better basis for the demand if not a basis in fact. One of the reasons England's one-day record is so much worse than their Test record is that the team chops and changes every five seconds. As a country famously allergic to change – especially given the reaction to the loss of Troy Cooley – I can't think of anything worse than Fletcher spontaneously removing himself from office tomorrow morning. Let's just hope the next four weeks go quickly, so we can talk about some real news. Well, real cricket, anyway.

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