A biodegradable cricket box

What single requirement do you think a cricket box should meet? Comfortable? If possible. Sturdy? Certainly. Able to withstand a leather cricket ball hurled at it at great velocity? Yes. However, manufacturers have been overlooking the ecological aspect of the cricketer’s best friend: it’s not degreadeable.

So a mad-hatter in Britain (always in Britain) has designed the first eco, biodegradeable box. This is all very inventive and so forth, but who really lies awake at night worrying about these things? Are there a mountain of discarded, lonely, pathetic cricket boxes piled high behind pavilions around the country?

It gets even better. Ben Foster, the mad-hatter, took the box for a test drive – as it were. And it survived…but he was hit in the face by Charlie Shrek.

More nonsense at the BBC.

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