2006-07 Ashes tickets farce

Tickets went on sale for Australian Cricket Family members yesterday, and sold an incredible 182,000 in the first eight hours. That’s a heck of a lot, but it’s left thousands of others ticketless and frustrated, as the website and telephone system crashed under the weight of Ashes fever.


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Cricinfo has a feast of goodness on the whole affair, including:

Supporters who missed out have described the system as a “fiasco” and a “farce”. “I became part of the Australian Cricket Family, but feel like a stepchild,” Chris Flaherty said. “At age 53, do you think I’m too old to be adopted by a nicer family?” wrote Jillian Mitchell.

“I am absolutely devastated and near tears,” Cindy Gibbins said. “I was on the phone from 9.01am to 3.11pm and am still trying to get through. I want two tickets to the first day of the first Test, which is a tradition for my father and I.”

They’re already appearing on eBay, topping £8,000! Madness.

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