Where to now for Australia?

I still haven’t got anything remotely intelligible to say about England winning the Ashes. I doubt I will do, either, which won’t surprise any of you! But if I do, it’ll seep its’ way on here at some point…

So, in the meantime, where to now for Australia? On an Australian breakfast show this morning (this evening, I guess; their morning, anyway) they said “So! South Africa beat Australia and regain the Ashes.” (with obvious reference to Kevin Pietersen).

If Michael Vaughan had lost the Ashes, he would be a fairly lost man; after all the hype, who knows how the media would have responded? Australia’s PM, John Howard, once said he held the second most important job in his country – behind the captain of the Australian cricket team. And John Buchanan said of Ricky Ponting that he is an “occupier of a fairly significant position in Australian society.”

I’m not rubbing salt into open wounds, and neither will I when I do my review; God knows I’d be seething if I was on the losing side, again. So, I’m just interesting in getting the opinion of any Aussie readers on where Australia should go from here, and anyone else with an opinion for that matter.

Who in the team depressed you the most? Is Clarke captaincy material? Should Ponting resign from the captaincy, but retain his place in the side (Will: yes, he probably should)? Which other two young, fast bowlers can/will replace Gillespie and Kasper?

These are all things Australia will be discussing fervently in the coming weeks, so let’s get the ball rolling early.

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