Thomson: ‘ICC is a waste of space’

I love it when former players get given a microphone.

The former tearaway fast bowler said the ICC was ineffectual when it came to the important issues of the game.

Thomson’s blast came after ICC chief executive Malcolm Speed called for a collective improvement in behavioural standards, with a particular view to the Australia-South Africa clash.

“They do nothing about blokes chucking, they do nothing about all this other stuff, they are more worried about words.

“That is all they are – full of words, the ICC,” Thomson said.

“They always look like they are doing something, but they do nothing. They are the biggest bulls—ters in the world, the ICC.

“What a waste of space.

“They are bagging the game rather than promoting; it’s highlighting things that aren’t worth highlighting.”

So eloquent, was our Jeffry Robert Thomson. But I think that there is a lot in what he says. The ICC has been good at promoting the game in new places, but its stewardship of the game has been average. And yes, I blame Malcolm Speed. There is a place for the sort of corporate and legal skills that he has, but the CEO should be more a cricket person. That’s my 0.02 cents.

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