Sobers’ sober view of West Indian Cricket

Sir Garfield, also known as Sir Garry, said: “We had no pads and played in the road.

“That is how we learnt our skills – you learn to put the bat to the ball and keep your body well out of the way.”

“But they are no longer playing in the street and on the beaches. They seem to have lost this art and that is where they are failing. If we don’t pick them up in the car then they don’t turn up.

“If they don’t have pads and a helmet and a rolled wicket they will not play. And that has led to the downfall of West Indian cricket.”

A sobering thought from one of cricket’s greats. I can’t help thinking basketball and American TV has had an adverse effect too, though. And it wasn’t too long ago that a trip to the West Indies meant almost certain loss, humiliation and/or being stretchered off the pitch. How times can change – and quickly, too.

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