Chris Tremlett – he be tall, he be quick

After Ashraful’s magnificent innings yesterday – what a great, positive result he is for Bangladeshi Cricket – I didn’t mention how excellent Chris Tremlett’s debut was, and my thoughts on him.

Jon Lewis made his debut against Australia – and, of course, helped rout them in That Twenty Twenty – but hasn’t looked a force, nor one who might become a force. I think it was David Lloyd who said of Lewis that he was “a good, honest worker” which, whilst doing him a little disservice, is probably quite accurate. Much has been made of Australia’s attack being samey, which it is, and also of its’ speed – or lack thereof. But Lewis doesn’t have the height of, say, McGrath or the consistency of, say, McGrath, or the menace of, say, McGrath.

Chris Tremlett

Tremlett though looked a different prospect altogether. I knew England had had their eye on him for a while – bowlers that tall are generally whispered about in hushed but excitable tones until they play for their country – and this season he’d put in some excellent performances for Hampshire. Or, as Scott says, for the Shane Warne Cricket Academyâ„¢:

Name                Mat    O      M     R   W    Ave  Best   5 10    SR  Econ Team

A Richardson          7  286.2   73   844   41  20.58  7-113  3  -  41.9  2.94 MIDDX
CT Tremlett           7  237     49   780   39  20.00  6-44   2  -  36.4  3.29 HANTS

Only the bizarre and unexpected rejuvination of Alan Richardson – and 3 wickets – stand in Tremlett’s way in becoming the leading wicket taker in England this season. [Aside: the next 2 on the list are Lewry and Harmison. When was the last time England had so many young English-qualified-players in the top 10 of Batting and Bowling stats? Noteworthy…]

My concerns in the past have been with his fitness and pace, so it was a great surprise yesterday to see him looking strong and bowling at 85mph. His action, though, concerns me a little. A bloke that size (6′ 7″ – same as the Scot William Wallace, and no, I don’t know why I know that, other than I go to a pub named after him) need to have as uncomplicated an action as possible, and Tremlett’s is nearly there but he appears to fall away at the point of delivery, and left knee isn’t quite bent. If he sorts it out – and it’s a great shame Troy Cooley’s left now – there’s no reason why, in a year or so, he could be touching 90mph.

Pace aside, his control and lines were impeccable – as were, I thought, his attitude. His reactions in getting those wickets were subdued and controlled – not bad for a 23 year old. If it were me, I’d have gone beserk, running around on Courtney Walsh-esque celebration! England are rolling out seamers like a conveyer belt these days.

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