Bravo, Dwayne. Bravo

I’ve not seen much of Dwayne Bravo’s feats against Australia – missed his hundred, for starters – but I did catch his wickets in this Test, in particular his outstanding catch, off his own bowling, to dismiss Shane Warne (think it was Warne anyway). Catching is one of those rare moments of individualism in cricket; no one else can help or hinder your effort, so perhaps that’s why a stunning catch is, well, so stunning. Bravo’s was nothing short of brilliant: diving full length to his left (off his own bowling, I reiterate!) – ah, it was a thing of great beauty and he deservedly celebrated like a clown.

I first saw Bravo when he played against England last year, and his potential was obvious – perhaps now he’s realising that. More brilliance on Monday, please, Dwayne – and bravo to that catch