Becoming a citizen of cricketland

Last week, we here in Britain heard that new British citizens – or those wishing to live on these shores – now face a 45-minute “British citizen test,” which I can’t help finding hilarious. Not the actual test – I think it’s a good idea, frankly – but the thought of what questions could be asked. I’d definately want the new people to know all about Del Boy, and his phrases – as well as having indepth and worryingly accurate knowledge of Fawlty Towers. But I’m here to talk and write about cricket, so I won’t bore you with my political views. Or of my favourite TV shows.

I digress. It was Hammy who brought this to my attention in his Frugal Bastard blog, in which he said:

If they made it compulsory to know the national anthem then I think most of the people settled here [in Australia] already would get the boot. Many of us could tell you that Shane Warne took 1-150 on his debut. Or that Peter Brock won the Bathurst 1000 a total of nine times. Or that Sir Donald Bradman’s test average was 99.94, which is the post office box of the Australian Broadcasting Authority in capital cities in Australia.

So, if there was a country called Cricket (God forbid!), what questions should be asked of potential citizens? Let’s draw up 10 “must know” facts about the great game….over to you.

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