5 in 5!

I love stories like these:

Cricket: Wizard’s 5 wickets in 5 balls

Jun 1 2005


An amateur cricketer spoke of his astonishment today after taking five wickets in five balls.

John Williams, 30, captain of Mold Cricket Club in north Wales, bowled three opponents and two more were caught in a run of just five balls.

The feat took place in a second string match against Bethesda on Saturday.

It is believed to beat any figures recorded in the top flight of world cricket but statistics for lower levels are not kept.

Mr Williams, a golf greenkeeper, from Pantymwyn, said: “I’ve only ever had one hat-trick before so I was happy enough to get the three.

“But when the fourth one went I was in dreamland and on the fifth one the place erupted.

“I felt like it wasn’t me.”

Mold was struggling when Mr Williams began his lucky streak but went on to win the match.

Good way to turn your figures around, taking 5 in 5. I think Pollock took 4 in 4 for Warwickshire in about 1996, and Caddick took 4 in one over (somehow failing to get a hat-trick!) against the West Indies in 2000.

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