Cricket on the Antarctic

Geoff Somers, who is leading a five-man team in the Antarctic, celebrated Christmas in the best possible way: by playing cricket.

THE five members of the Polar expedition team planning to recreate Captain Robert Scott’s 1912 epic trek to the South Pole spent Christmas Day at their Antarctic base camp playing cricket.

Back in London

I’m back in London. Normal blogging will resume shortly. If anyone from a big computer firm reading this would like to sponsor me with a laptop, to aid my blogging, please get in touch.

Well, it was worth asking…

Kerry Packer has died

Kerry Packer, the most influential member of the Packer dynasty, has died aged 68. Packer’s father, Frank, established the country’s first TV station. He leaves the business, and a lot of money, to his son James.

Packer founded the World Series in 1977, which caused a right ol’ ruckus.

Australia v South Africa, 2nd Test, Melbourne, 2nd day

South Africa took the honours on the first day with a committed and pretty slick performance. Can they maintain it though for the remaining days? Chat away!

Quote of the week

It’s nice[1] when bloggers provide me with a Quote of the Week:

There is nothing like a Boxing Day spent dozing off your Christmas supper in front of a television showing live cricket. Its even better when the cricket involves two teams full of mouthy idiots who like nothing better than to wind each other up. Anybody who followed the dig-filled build-up to the second test in Australia would have loved watching the onfield action involving Andre Nel, Graeme Smith and Shane Warne.


[1] Note to self: stop using that useless word nice.

Nel rocks wobbly Australia

Andre Nel bowled very cleverly today, I thought; persistently aggressive, and within his own limitations, he was the wrecker-in-chief, ending with figures of 4 for 58. It was a pretty good toss to lose for Smith, and a damn fine day’s work for SA who left Australia stumbling at 8 for 239 at stumps.

Also: the origin of Boxing Day. So the story goes, it was when the gents and rich people collected all the odds and sods they didn’t want (or need…), “boxed” them up and gave them to their servants. Not sure how true this is, but it’s a nice story nonetheless! I wonder if the peasants got lots of socks and oranges and other bitterly disappointing “Oh Christ, not another [xyz]” gifts.

Australia v South Africa, 2nd Test, Melbourne, 1st day

Ah, the Boxing Day Test. Is there a better way to end Christmas for the cricket nut? After an invariably drunken Christmas Eve; a relentlessly gluttonous Christmas Day, Boxing Day is the dry, quiet come-down. The turkey demolished, the presents unwrapped – the complementary walk (I know we’re not the only ones who insist upon it. Perhaps it’s guilt, stemming from our ever bulging stomachs), and the more fastidious members of the family have been tidying up the sitting room as though their lives depend on it. It’s a day of reflection, of sobriety – and of cricket. Apart from the first Test of an English summer, it’s my favourite of the year. And it starts very soon (I’m writing this on the 23rd. See, fans? See the dedication, and honour my commitment!).

What did you get for Christmas?

A Century of Cricket Jokes (Joke Books S.)

Predictable, but fun. What did you get for Christmas? I don’t tend to get a lot of cricket stuff these days – but did get A Century of Cricket Jokes which is a lot of laughs. I’ll stick some up here when I get back to London.

India, this is Nike

India have secured the sponsorship of Nike for the next five years. That’s a significant development. It’s no surprise that India have managed to attract such a global marketing icon such as Nike, but it bodes well for the game. The BBC have more on this. To my knowledge, it’s the first time Nike have sponsored an entire team; Shane Warne was one of their minions a few years ago (maybe he still is). Maybe Ganguly will welcome Nike’s obsession in putting air in their trainers…

Christmas limericks

We haven’t had a limerick for a while – what better time to do one than now! See the rules/tips here. Your starter for ten is the following: It’s Christmas two-thousand-and-five.

Try the 2006 limerick