Vaughan to pull England from tour if Mugabe shows up

This is my tenth year of following Cricket. I haven’t missed many matches, perhaps 5 or 6, and I can’t remember any sporting situation so disasterous as the one England finds itself in currently. Michael Vaughan, as was rumoured yesterday will – in the event of Mugabe appearing at any of the matches – walk his side off the field, and the tour will be officially over. Apparently, the ECB are rapidly sourcing some backup funds (how the Cricketing Administration of the world would love to be Football Administrators – if only for a day!) in the event of a financial backlash (ZCU asking for compensation, that sort of thing). Utter mess. Countdown to ODI1, 7 hours (starts 07.30ish GMT).

4-0 please England. Nothing less do you deserve.