The birth of The Ashes

Excellent! Really enjoyed reading this history into The Ashes. This is of particular interest:

This initial tour to Australia was to give birth to an annual competition between the two countries, however the first Australian touring team did not go to England until 1868. A little know fact amongst cricket fans is, this Australian team consisted solely of Australian indigenous players. Not only did these indigenous players equate themselves more than adequately during this inaugural tour, they were able to beat their opposition on at least 14 occassions. The English cricket authorites were not only taken aback with the fact they were beaten, but the fact they were beaten by what they described as a team of “savages.”

I’d be interested to hear from others, especially non-Aussie and non-English fans, what their opinion or thoughts are of The Ashes. Do you care about it? Is it a non-event? I myself get most excited about The Ashes, but also love watching India play and am a die-hard Windies supporter. Ok I might as well list my favourite teams, to bore you all…all 2 of you who read my blog :)

  • England (natch)
  • Australia (for admiration and to spy on their tactics)
  • West Indies (possibly 2nd)
  • India (grossly talented and are actually forming a team these days)
  • New Zealand (for my Grandpa’s sake – and I admire them. I think they have the lowest pool of cricketers available for selection as an international team. Well – apart from Zim…)
  • Pakistan (even more grossly talented than India, but completely directionless)
  • Sri Lanka (gifted players but boring, questionable tactics used, is he a chucker or not? etc)
  • South Africa (admirably tough, and the country/team I most want to beat behind Australia, but I don’t like G.Smith one iota)

That is all.

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