Strauss “a man of substance”

Andy Strauss

Being a Middlesex supporter, and having shouted Strauss’ name from the rooftops for several years, I was absolutely over the moon watching him this year perform so well for England. To cap it off, Rod Marsh is now singing his praises – completely, utterly deserved:

(From the ECB) “English cricket needs people like Andrew Strauss in the England team because he’s a man of substance.”

Basically, the article comments that Strauss is making the most of what he’s got, which I think is a little unfair. Having followed his career, I’ve seen him make some seriously impressive innings (emphasis on make / construct). And throughout the summer, he consistently produced excellent innings for England. A hundred on a player’s international debut is a deeply magical happening – not one that can happen through luck alone. It requires thorough hard work, mental aptitude and immense skill. Just look at the player many regard to be England’s “best” batsman (and I agree), Graham Thorpe; he made his debut in 1993 against Australia, and was the last English bat to score a hundred on debut. I see a lot of similarities between Thorpe and Strauss…

Anyway…it’s a good article and worth a read

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