Player notes: Virender Sehwag

On India’s 2002 tour to England I saw a sign from an Indian supporter: Tendulkar the new Bradman; Sehwag the new Tendulkar.” It was met mainly with knowing nods from Indian supporters & polite smiles from the English. England knew of Sehwag’s talents, but were also aware of his faults and the chances he gave; he was/is such an aggressive player that he’s bound to give chances to the slips and gully (and even 3rd man for the “up and over”).

Things have changed though. The sceptiscm is now undeserved – you only need to look at his record. Remember, this guy has only played 28 matches…

     M    I  NO  Runs   HS     Ave     SR 100  50   Ct  St
    28   46   1  2414  309   53.64  72.49   8   7   26   0

Averaging nearly 73 in Test Cricket – as an opener! – is very good. It’s outstanding and pretty rare. If he continues at this rate, he could end up with over 8000 runs and 20 centuries and that old banner I saw in 2002 may not be so far off the mark

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