India v SA – SA beaten

So, India won the series – one which I admit I didn’t follow as closely as I’d have liked. Sehwag’s performances were exceptional, those I listened to or read about, but the rest of the Indian batting lineup failed to impress (as it should). Although India aren’t as dominant at home as they once were, where visiting teams would quake at the thought of travelling there, they still should have won the series. And they did.

There are various journalists and rumours on the cricket sites that SA have plenty of positives to take home. I agree, to an extent; Hall’s performed well, for example. But to me, they really are a shadow of their former selves. There’s no spark. No buzz. They need a new Jonty. (incidentally – wasn’t he amazing? I remember seeing him in England in 1994 – I’ve never seen anyone move around the field like him. Plenty of imitators – Collingwood, Powell, Ponting, Gibbs – but no one can match him).

Anyway. I don’t feel SA really knows where its going at the moment. Their average run-rate in the 2 Tests (4 innings) was 2.7; they only reached 3/over once. India’s average was 3.1 – now I’m not implying that was the difference in the two teams, but it does suggest SA have lost their inner aggression. And, according to Jonty Rhodes, they’re going to have to be on top of their game in order to beat England.