Gilchrist on Australia’s form

Get the violins out – Clanger’s looking for some understanding. Diddums! He raises some interesting points though in Trevor Marshellsea’s SMH article here. It’s as though Warne and Gilchrist are defending their statements to “crush” Pakistan. Who wouldn’t? Australia would hardly be in this situation if their attitude over the pasy decade had been “Oh, poor Pakistan/England/India – have a game on us.”

“It’s bizarre,” Gilchrist said. “I certainly wasn’t feeling like we were automatically home at 5-70-odd against Pakistan … I hope that people fully understand the delicacy of the situations we are in and the way we deal with them. Often it seems to fall on deaf ears.

Perhaps he has a point. I must admit I didn’t watch the Pak/Aus match due to the time-differences. So from a naive POV, it appears that Aus trampled all over the Pakistanis – but actually, they [Pakistan] had Aus in some trouble a couple of times. It was their inability to stamp home their advantage

“We lost one game against New Zealand in the one-dayers recently and, from a player’s perspective, it didn’t seem to take too long for people to be analysing what was wrong with our team, or writing what we did wrong. There was a very thorough analysis of that game.