England v South Africa preview and notes

This series promises to be electrifying. Both teams have a point to prove


  • A record of only 8 home defeats in 59 Tests since coming back to Test Cricket in 1992 which. Outstanding record and they won’t want that number to increase at all
  • SA haven’t performed at all well for 18 months, and have slipped from 2nd to 6th in the ICC world rankings. Ironically, it is England who are now officially 2nd and SA will want that place back
  • For whatever reason, SA love to beat England and hate to lose to them


  • 10 wins in their last 11 Tests
  • An improving “unit” but with a long way to go. They”ll want to not only beat SA, but improve in every area and establish them as the rightful owners of the 2nd-best-team-in-the-world tag.
  • Last time Harmison played against SA, it wasn’t pretty (apart from at The Oval which he admits what his turning point). He’s the best bowler in terms of “ranking,” and will want to prove it to the Saffers

    There has been one minor/medium glitch in England’s preparation in their recent loss to South Africa. A heavy defeat.

    Both teams will want to stop talking and start playing. Starts 8.30GMT tomorrow