England beaten

Following yesterday’s post, trying to allay any fears English fans might have been having, I think I ought to tamper it with some cautious caution(!) So, England were defeated today – badly. This is, as far as I know, the first time under Duncan Fletcher that England has lost a tour game – lost plenty of Tests, but never a warmup match. Impressive statistic and record, but this was the worst possible time to break it.

Vaughan has blamed complacency, and no one can disagree. England were quite simply dreadful and have been trounced comprehensively by a second-string team, albeit a handy “A-team.” I expect the team that walks onto the field on Friday will be fired up beyond belief, but their confidence will have been shaken – a dangerous situation for a previously confident team to be in. They must remember all the hard work they put in over the past 18 months, and how most of their games were NOT won easily; they had to work their backsides off to win them. Vaughan actually mentioned this in a news conference recently, where he implied the key to England’s recent success had been in their ability to fight back.

Learn from this please England – you still ought to win this series, but it’s going to be the toughest test for years and, clearly, tougher than you thought……………