ECB & ICC hold responsibility

Well, the rumblings of the Eng-Zim tour “rumble” on this morning. Jonathan Agnew is obviously quite bitter at having been banned entering Zimbabwe, and makes some interesting comments on his BBC column:

No one has run a more vehement anti-Zimbabwe campaign over several years than the Daily Mail, yet all three journalists from that organisation who applied for accreditation have been accepted!

I can’t even find it amusing any longer – this HAS TO BE CALLED OFF. It’s amoral, wrong and damaging English Cricket. Tony Blair and the British Government say it’s down to the ECB and ICC – how can it be? They’re Cricket authorities, not political departments.

On a similar note, I’m sure I read recently that England have been “forced” to host Zim for a Test series. I’ll have to do some digging, can’t find the link, but I’m sure I read this.