Australia v New Zealand

Well, the kiwis started well, didn’t they? Thanks to Oram’s hundred. But sadly, for most of world cricket followers, Australia fought back and bit the arse of NZ quite badly.


They seem to have uncovered another young batsman who looks as if he’s been playing Test Cricket for a couple of decades, Michael Clarke. He looks bloody good.

Australia v New Zealand

One of my favourite series starts in just under 7 hours (00:00 GMT); Australia v New Zealand. On paper, it always seems NZ are going to be crushed by the mighty Aussies. But NZ are a tough unit, and often perform better than their critics expect. Unfortunately, James Franklin is injured, which leaves a bit of a gap in their “attack.” It’s also unclear whether Fleming will play. Shrewd captain is Fleming….the cynic in me ponders whether this “mystery” illness might be his first pyschological warfare attempt!

Meanwhile, things are a lot brighter for Australia, so much so that Ponting insisted on rubbing handfuls of salt into NZ’s early wounds: [via SMH]

I think we’ll be very well-prepared for whatever New Zealand throw at us in this game

On second thoughts, that’s not nearly as Australian as I first thought. Had S.Waugh still been captain, something along the lines of “Ah, listen mate, they’re alright New Zealand, but we’re Australian and will crush ‘em” is what we’re used to. Aussies going soft?

And here’s fat-boy-slim and his kid [sighs of "Oh no, not another Warne"]. Warne junior needs to get that front leg forward and in-line; hasn’t his Dad taught him anything?

Fat boy Warney