Cricket videos on Youtube

As has been well discussed, Youtube is the tardis of online video, and there is an awful lot of tripe there as a result. But in between the mundane crap there are some priceless and rare gems, and one particular user was a guaranteed supplier of the better material. Cougarcricket was his name. He is now in the past, either missing in action or dead. Or, more likely, banned by Percy and pals in their blind and insatiable corporate greed to run the planet their own way. Soon, we’ll all have golf courses under the sea (or whatever Ian Chappell’s recent brilliant quote was). What the ICC have failed to realise is the internet is not a Zimbabwe, or any other cricket board; with it being essentially an ungovernable medium, people are continuing to upload whatever they like, as they should do.

So we need a replacement to Mr Cougar, and / or a list of the latest and greatest cricket clips. Your nominations, please.

Video highlights of Sri Lanka v South Africa

Video highlights of Malinga’s four-in-four and the most exciting match of this year’s World Cup to date. Eat that, ICC.

Click here if you can’t see it above.

The Geoffrey Oi!cotts (disGrace on bass; Alan Knott on drums)

Further to Scott’s post, and Andrew’s piece, comes this example of YouTube at its brilliant, bizarre best. Among the historical gems, a lot of the other videos there are fairly drab’n’dull recollections of fans playing village cricket. Boring. But searching for “cricket” throws up the odd seemingly inexplicable video, such as this: a band called the Geoffrey Oi!cotts. Their MySpace entry reveals the following:

Band Members
Freddy Skintoft (vocals) W.C. disGrace (bass) A.P.E. sKnott (drums) Devon Malcolm McClaren (guitar) The Dickie Birds (backing troupe and groupies)

Yorkshire pride.

Sounds Like
The thwack of willow on leather on a sunny yorkshire afternoon..

Record Label

What a brilliant image that is. Alan Knott on drums (still equipped with wicketkeeping gloves, and a toothy grin); Devon Malcolm, massive 1980s bottle-top glasses, attached to a Fender and – best of all? – several Dickie Birds, rolling up their sleeves and tottering in the background. The Geoffrey Oi!cotts, based in Leeds, also do a passable cover of the Cockney Rejects’ only decent song, Oi! Oi! Oi!, as below (click here if it doesn’t show up).

All of this musicery begs the question: which five cricketers, past or present, would be in your band? The stupider, most unlikely the better. Tony Lewis would have to be lead vocalist for a start, closely followed by Mike Smith on drums…

Who will rid me of this turbulant lawyer?

The ICC has stepped in to prohibit cricket clips of the World Cup being available online via YouTube. Andrew Miller skewers this incredible piece of stupidity here. I’m just left gasping at how ICC’s powerbrokers have managed to get themselves so ‘out of touch’ that they thought this was a good idea.

Short of actually prohibiting broadcasting of the games, they could not have made a worse decision. Imagine an attempt by ICC to prohibit cricket blogs or newspaper coverage or forums and you have an idea of how stupid this is. Does Malcolm Speed know how to turn on his PC?

World Cup videos banned from YouTube

The ICC have ordered YouTube, the video sharing website owned by Google, to remove all footage of the World Cup. ICC Development and Global Cricket Corporation are claiming copyright infringement, although just what constitutes an infringement isn’t clear.

Presumably, no one can film their own clips at the grounds and share them with friends and family, which is a fair sad state of affairs. Also, has there ever been a more sinister sounding organisation than Global Cricket Corporation?

Ooh, ahh, Glenn McGrath. Spoofish video

Best watched at about 10am, in your office, and ideally when you’re boss / team-leader / line-manager or someone else is giving a speech. Shortly afterwards, and for the remainder of the day, you’ll be unable to say anything other than Ooh, ahh, Glenn McGrath…

If you can’t see it above, click here.

[via CI]

“Crazy Asian baseball”

I’m sure some Americans call cricket “crazy Asian baseball”. And that’s exactly what I thought when I read the headline of this Youtube video – until I watched it, however. I don’t know what in the name of WC Grace they’re doing, but it aint baseball and it sure as hell aint cricket.

Click here if you can’t see it above

Cricket erotica

YouTube is a marvel, no doubt, but also mighty disturbing. Here’s a poem from Virginia Wolf (as if that’s her real name): I want to be a cricket ball. I’m sorry I’ve sunken to such a contemptible level, but I’m trying to stay awake all night and YouTube might be the only answer.

UPDATE looks like YouTube have removed the video! It wasn’t that bad…

I suggest Virginia hasn’t seen a ball smacked back to the boundary and the seam (or spine, as she calls it) broken in half. If you can’t see the video above, click here to listen to the horror show at YouTube.

Paul ‘fatty’ Vautin’s catch

Australians will know all about this catch, but it was new to me. Paul Vautin, former Rugby League player, takes a really fine catch in an Allan Border testimonial match in 1993. The catch itself isn’t the greatest in cricket history, as they say it is, but it’s worth watching just to hear Tony Greig get way too excited!