Jones versus Read (vote)

It was inevitable. Certainly in my eyes, anyway. Duncan Fletcher has a memory like an elephant, and an intense loyalty to those who have \”been there and done that\” (come to the party, put their hand up, etc.). Chris Read has done neither. The cynic in me ponders whether this was a master plan by Fletcher. Sack Read; send a rocket up Jones\’ backside to get him fired up; wait for Read to fail before reinstating Jones on the grounds of Read\’s inadequacies. The wicketkeeping debate is then quietened for another few months and Fletcher looks like a savior.

Should Jones have a poor Ashes series – and you can almost guarantee Read won\’t play a single Test in Australia – then we\’ll be back to square one. But for now, Fletcher\’s got his own way – and I\’m glad with the decision too. Read is the best keeper in the country by a distance but, with willow in hand, is little more than a rabbit in the headlights in Test matches. Since reinstating him in the summer, Read has done his cause no good; he has dropped some uncharacteristic clangers, too.

The duel between the two has been rolling on furiously on the blog, so it\’s high time we opened it up to you lot. Good decision? Vote, then leave a comment. (if you can\’t see the voting thing below, click here).

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Should ball tampering be legalised?

So, should ball tampering be legalised? Read these two differing opinions.

For: Andrew Miller, Cricinfo

Against: Steve James, Daily Telegraph

Vote below (click here if you’re reading from a feed) then leave your comments. Is this a dark art which needs to be kept as such, or should it be opened up (within reason; no razor blades or bottle tops…)?

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55% think Hair should resign

The results of last week’s poll:

Should Darrell Hair resign?

Yes: 55% (136)
No: 45% (110)
Total Votes : 246

Interestingly, the results were neck and neck until Hair’s email revelations.

England’s loss to Sri Lanka

It was a fabulous bowling performance from Murali, but how worried are you about England’s latest slip-up? Does it smack of arrogance and complacency, or is this just a team in the rebuilding phase, missing key players? Leave a comment, vote, or both. I’ll offer my own thoughts later in the week.

(you’ll need to visit the main page in order to vote, if you’re reading this via RSS)

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Vote for me at the 2006 Bloggies

Now’s probably the worst time for me to mention this, what with my near-total lack of posting recently. But if you like, you can vote for me / the CoU at the 2006 Bloggies!

Go on, you know you want to.

New Poll: 1st Test, Pakistan v England

New Poll: 1st Test, Pakistan v England. Who will win? Vote on the main page.

This blog’s new name is…

OK, cheers for all your (60 ish) suggestions. Some excellent ones, and some truly terrible ones! I’ve picked my favourites and put them up as a poll on the right-hand-side. So it’s now up to you. Vote away.