If you only buy one thing this month…

…make it The Wisden Cricketer! It’s a fabulous magazine, written by stupendously insightful and knowledgeable people, aided (ok – contributed!) by my goodself this month. I’m hidden away in the back pages, lurking uncerimoniously among the reviews and adverts and other stuff. A very satisfying thing, though, to have my name in print for the first time, and a great honour. I reviewed Oval Reflections – a pictorial celebration of The Oval, which was a brilliant book. Loads of amazing photos – really good stuff. I’m still pinching myself that I am in this environment, and to be doing the things I’m doing. I interviewed Mark Ramprakash a couple of days ago. Mark flippin’ Ramprakash? What’s going on?! Nice chap, and good of him to put up with what was a first interview for me. I’ve been the interviewee plenty of times ta very much, for jobs and all.

Anyway I did alright, if I do say so myself, although experience will definately help matters considerably in the months and years to come. It’s not an easy thing to do (this was over the phone, too, which has its own problems…not least mobile bloody phones, and reception. Or the lack thereof.)

Anyway, bit of a Waffling Will post so I’ll shut up.

Oh, here’s the book at Amazon which’ll have more details if you’re too lazy to buy the magazine: Oval Reflections: Memories from the World Famous Sporting Ground

From the TV cameras to the fan’s notepad

Someone working out required run-rates for Monday’s play! Classic

No time to react

Just too busy to write anything tonight; tomorrow, I’ll add my thoughts. I’m going to have a drink or six!

England on the verge…

England are on the verge of a historic draw to regain The Ashes. Bloody hell!

England v Australia, The Oval, Fifth Day

Well, it’s all come down to this day. 24 days of Ashes cricket boils down to one day; a day in which all three results are possible (some are v unlikely of course, like England winning the match!).

Nervous? Chat away!

Bloody Hell

Bloody Hell. No more needs be said.

England v Australia, The Oval, Day Four

Same again I’m afraid (the weather). Rain, stop-start, sunshine, etc. Ideal for England…less good for the Aussies. They’ve started on time, and Giles is to open…new ball due very soon I imagine.

Chat away. This is a fairly big day…

England v Australia, The Oval, Day Three

It’s going to be an on-off kind of day, rain always threatening. I’m off to work; comment away!

I’m back – but where are the players?

Hello chaps, I’m back. Heard that Australia were offered the light a while ago (just after Tea?) and took it. Bizarre. Aren’t they trying to win this game? Especially odd since Hayden and Langer seem to have put on a solid (in terms of numbers and runs) opening partnership…

England v Australia, The Oval, Day Two

I’m not around much for the second day, so you can amuse yourselves in the comments here.

Better critics and scribes than I consider the second day of a Test the most defining of the match. Others think it’s the third (which is of consolation to the team which performs poorly on the second!). Anyway, it’s the second day we’re faced with – so what will happen? Last night, after the first day, I had Australia in front. England, however, have the runs on the board which is always beneficial. Australia’s batsmen will bat at some point on Friday – how will they respond? All-out attack, in a “jobs-on-the-line” mentality? Or will England’s bowlers, yet again (and without Simon Jones) out-manoeuvre them?