Beginning of the end for Flintoff?

It might be premature to say this, but Andrew Flintoff’s latest ankle surgery could signal the beginning of the end. If that’s too grand a statement then, at the very least, I cannot see him leading England’s bowling attack ever again (certainly not in the way he did in 2004-05 and especially during the Ashes).

The other alarming problem is he’s forgotten how to bat. How, then, will he get back into the team if he is not firing in either discipline? For his captaincy? Er, perhaps not.

Flintoff out of summer, in doubt for Ashes

Yesterday’s depressing news just got worse. He’s to undergo surgery, will be out for 12 weeks and that puts his chances of making the tour to Australia in serious doubt.

Michael Vaughan is out of the Ashes

Not surprising, but what a tossing nightmare that is for England. My thoughts on it tomorrow. Sorry for lack of updates but, then, not a lot’s been going on. Go to Cricinfo for more on Vaughan.

Vaughan out of the Ashes

An oddity for you. Just went to my local Starbucks in Barnes to pickup a Mocha, and heard either a Spaniard or an Italian talk about Michael Vaughan! I was in a rush, and so were they, so I didn’t intrude, but heard from them that he is out of this year’s Ashes. Quite bizarre. Got home, logged onto Cricinfo who (of course) had it first.

So that it, folks. After much speculation, Michael Vaughan is to have further knee surgery and will almost certainly miss this winter’s 2006-07 Ashes series. A bitter blow, but at least England now have something concrete on which to base their selections. A permanent captain, in both forms of the game, now must be decided upon. Andrew Flintoff cannot be the man and, to be honest, nor should Andrew Strauss. It’s been a tough one-day series for him, but I don’t think he has shown enough “kick arse” to warrant leading his country.

That’s why Vaughan was so good; laid back on the surface, yet ruthless, determined and fiercely proud underneath.

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Flintoff on course for Ashes

FlintoffGreat news for all concerned today when it was confirmed Andrew Flintoff is ahead of schedule in his recovery from ankle surgery. But: what is he wearing, and why? The BBC also have a few photos of his recent wedding

Flintoff to play final Test despite injury

Andrew Flintoff needs ankle surgery but will still play in the 5th Test. Importantly, this is a medical decision as much as the management’s, yet I can’t help fearing it increases the chances of him worsening the injury further. The article also implies he’ll play in the one-day-internationals (7 I think – pretty much back-to-back), however the inclusion of Kevin Pietersen in England’s ODI squad suggests he could provide cover.

Glenn McGrath has overcome ankle surgery – despite the odds – and has obviously bounced back to his best, confirming his initial view that the surgery could lengthen his career. England will hope Flintoff can recover as well as McGrath has, so the two can battle it out this summer. England minus Flintoff = disaster.