Summer’s nearly here

I’ve got the BBC’s old bink-bink-bink theme tune tinkering in my head. Again. I don’t care what state the world is in, or indeed how England are faring. The start of the season is something to celebrate, and it’s with great pleasure that I tell you the rain is thundering down in London as I write. Ah, marvellous. Summer’s here.

The first Test is just 12 hours away, or thereabouts, but earlier today I was a bit puzzled by Peter Moores’ decision to call up James Anderson. He was to play the first session of Lancashire’s latest Championship match before driving down to London, acting as cover for the bowlers. That’s fine – but what exactly does Lancashire (or anyone else for that matter) gain by paying for Anderson’s services for one measly session? As it was, Old Trafford was deluged in rain (what’s new?), but presumably Jimmy A is down in London waiting to hear if he’ll be needed (which he won’t; if Andrew Flintoff isn’t fit, England say Owais Shah will be picked).

And if he’s not? He’s sent back up to Old Trafford to continue playing. I understand England’s predicament in a) having cover for their bowlers while b) pacifying the counties, but this current method doesn’t appear to help anyone. Least of all the bowler.

Anyhow. Moving on.

Your highlights of the summer

See that? That fleeting flash was our summer – and it’s gone. It’s the end of the season chaps, so what has your highlight been?

      Sussex’s double.
      Monty’s dismissal of, well, anyone you choose.
      England’s hilarious one-day performance against Sri Lanka.
      England’s less hilarious one-day performance against Pakistan.

So, throwing it open to the dangerous stump-wielding mob, what moment or event has been your pick of the summer? Need not be from the list above…those are just suggestions.

It’s summer

The reason for the lack of posting is because…


It’s perishingly cold in the sea still, probably won’t warm up until August – but I might just dive in tomorrow. Impossibly brilliant beaches around here.

So – not a lot of time. News and developments on Sat or Sun…or more likely on Monday/Tuesday. Catch you then.

I want to be on the beach


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Damn Jennifer and damn her beach talk. Damn her emails about the proximity of the beach to her flat and damn everyone, damn it all! I want to be on the beach playing cricket!

And damn South Africa and damn New Zealand for being so damn dull. Actually that’s bollocks, it’s a cracking Test match.

Summer Lightning

Summer Lightning

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If I could sum up my kind of summers, this would come pretty close. A pint of beer, newspaper, sitting at the cricket. See, I’m actually about 60, not 24…