Cricket stencil, Leamington

Cricket stencil, Leamington

Originally uploaded by Flickr user ukslim.

This might well be the most interesting photo I’ve found so far. On first glance, it doesn’t look like much until you realise it was taken under a canal bridge in Leamington Spa.

I can’t speak for canals in other countries, or indeed the bridges, but in Britain they’re invariably used to dispose of anything you can think of. Sofas, cans of cider, an errant plastic bag and the obligitory Tesco’s trolley.

The graffiti on show is very rarely, to my limited knowledge, based on cricketers and yet here are Michael Vaughan and Kevin Pietersen Andrew Flintoff adorning the concrete wasteland of Leamington.

Says rather a lot about the impact one series can have on a nation.