Some utterly meaningless milestones

I’m fast reaching the stage where it does actually feel as though I’ve been blogging for A Long Time.

Just passed 200,000 words; 1,000 different people have now left a comment (perhaps doesn’t a lot, but that’s many more than most); 12,000 comments have been left and we’ve just passed 1,500 posts.

(just out of interest)

1000 Murali wickets

I think it was Courtney Walsh who first broke through the 500-Test barrier and, at the time, I remember feeling utterly amazed that anyone could have got so far. I was equally doubtful that anyone would ever better it. Since then, Shane Warne and Muttiah Muraliatharan have waltzed past it as though it were nothing; Warne broke past 600 at Old Trafford in the summer. Today, though, Murali has gone past 1000 international wickets! It makes Walsh’s effort look pitiful and feeble*

Rather appropriately, his 100th wicket was controversial: “Khaled Mashud was given out caught when the ball only hit his pad” (S.Rajesh / Cricinfo)

* I am, of course, joking. It’s all very well for these glitzy spinners to take hundreds of wickets, but it’s all the more incredible for a fast bowler to manage it.

How did you find this blog?

OK, question: how did you find this blog? I know I was featured on the BBC, along with every other cricket blog, and the Guardian have also ‘found’ us…but nearly 1500 people have come here today, and I haven’t even blogged anything [much]. How is this happening? Who are you, and where do you come from? EXPLAIN YOURSELVES! (seriously…I’d quite like to know, out of curiosity. Did you come from Google, or another search engine, or a blog, or where?)

Ta all, and “hello” to all the new readers.

Trescothick reaches 5000 milestone

Marcus Trescothick hit his 5000th Test match run today at Old Trafford against Australia. Interestingly, only Jack Hobbs (55 matches), Len Hutton (55), Wally Hammond (59) and Ken Barrington (61) have reached 5000 Test runs for England in fewer matches than Trescothick (64). Nice stat. Update: Viv Richards and Bill Lawry also reached 5000 Test runs in 64 matches.

Second update:

More stats:

1. Shortest time span from debut to 5000 runs in Tests

5 years 12 days ME Trescothick
6 years 64 days R Dravid
6 years 94 days MA Taylor
6 years 186 days AR Border

2. Fewest Tests to reach 5000 runs in Tests

36 DG Bradman
52 SM Gavaskar
55 JB Hobbs
55 L Hutton
55 ML Hayden
56 GS Sobers
59 WR Hammond
60 GS Chappell
61 RN Harvey
61 KF Barrington
61 RB Kanhai
61 BC Lara
63 R Dravid
63 HH Gibbs
64 WM Lawry
64 IVA Richards
64 ME Trescothick

Many visitors

Always surprised and pleased so many people read this humble blog. Just been told that today’s post on Edgbaston is now the most-clicked-post on a sort of directory website called Blogs Of The Day. Spiffing work, chaps!

Blogs Of The Day

Stats, boring stats

Probably thanks to Avinash’s updates during the first Test, the blog has published its 100,000th word – an absolutely pointless statistic. Less pointless is AKR’s century of comments – what an innings, AKR! Full of deft glances and flourishing cover-drives – raise your bat to the MCC members :) Scott is two away from reaching the honours boards himself, and fellow Aussie Harry nine-away from a very quick hundred.

These stats can be found on the right of the main page.

Two more fine fifties

Two more frequently-posting commenters have reached their half centuries, and are gratuitiously waving their bats around the blogosphere. Thanks and congrats to Harry (54) and Jagadish (50). Scott is leading the way with a well compiled 58…

A fine half century

Scott Wickstein, during the crazy events of yesterday where 74 comments were posted, brought up a fine half-century of comments here at this blog. Well played, Scott! Not quite a 50 before lunch, but not bad going…(top commenters can be found on the right-hand-side of the main page)


“worma” posted the 1000th comment on my blog just now – hurrah. Stats:

85,768 words

154 people have contributed 1000 comments

Top commenters:
1: S Jagadish (46)
2: Innocent Abroad (43)
3: manish (42)

Busiest day yet at The COU

Yesterday was the busiest day yet for my blog. I never imagined so many people would bother reading it when I first started back in November. 15,000 hits yesterday alone, and 1000 unique visitors.