DJ Desmond Haynes

Desmond Haynes as you’ve never (I guess) seen him before.

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Utter legend.

Flintoff wants to sing. Professionally

Oh for God’s sake, what’s wrong with cricketers these days? First it’s Darren Gough kissing his England career goodbye, and now Andrew Flintoff wants to be a singer. There really is no peace for the wicked…

But far more alarming for the nation’s cricket watchers is the revelation that Flintoff has told his new singing teacher that he would gladly give up cricket to sing professionally.

Flintoff’s vocal coach is Jon Christos, a rising opera star who was approached by the cricketer after performing at a charity ball in Manchester three weeks ago.

And to further baffle the mind comes this: 500 comments have now been posted about Kevin Pietersen. All this attention cricket is receiving is just not cricket…

UPDATE: And from Royaltech comes this:

A pair of diamond cricket ball studs valued at £25,000 and the diamond encrusted cricket bat that hangs around his [Pietersen's] neck was worth a measly £50,000.

Are today’s cricketers dabbling in the murky world of Football-esque extravagance?