Comment of the week: SMS Warne

I should try and do a “Comment of the week” thing, somehow. Over 12,000 comments have been left here by you ‘orrible lot, not including my own unintelligible ramblings, so it reveals an interesting microsm into the weird world of a cricket fan. This is no better highlighted than the most recent comment, left by Aussie in Barnsley:

I am delighted that “Shane Warne – The Musical” is being developed. I am anticipating it will be like “I, Keano” on viagra, with a load of SMS action for good measure.

Unless your first name is Simone, I can’t think why anyone would dislike Warney. He is one of the greatest social experiments of all time – give someone the most sublime sporting talent, a sexual appetite that a would put a rabbit to shame, a mobile phone plan that includes unlimited free SMS’s and several thousand litres of peroxide and see what happens.

Cricket, and the world, will be much the poorer when Warney retires and starts texting women in retirement villages.