Notes from the pavilion

Simon Hughes is podcasting

Aside from his own Podcast, Rick Eyre mentions a couple of others: The Cover Drive and The Telegraph’s Simon Hughes. I like Hughes; he’s a really excellent writer, and his podcasts could be quite entertaining. I’m completely unconvinced about Podcasts…who has the time to listen to them all? Not I. I have an Ipod, but the whole “getting it on there” thing has me a bit confused. It’s not easy, and I’m not very clever. So until some genius makes it a simple case of plugging it in, leaving it for a minute, and unplugging then I can’t be naffed.

I’ll try Hughes’ out though…good on The Telegraph for being bold enough to try out a new technology, though.

Perks of the job

Simon Hughes

I get to review Simon Hughes’ new book, Morning Everyone – hurrah! Two days off and far too much to do, but hopefully will work my way through it. Looking forward to reading it.

Simon ‘Yozza’ Hughes on the BBC


Bugger. Just missed Simon ‘Yozza’ Hughes on the BBC’s programme Loose Ends, who was speaking to promote his new book (which will be good). He also mentioned he’s been working on a DVD with, guess who, Andrew Flintoff. You can pre-order it at Amazon for about £15. Flintoff must surely now be the most marketable English cricketer, certainly since Botham but perhaps of all time.

Who’s tiring of it/him then?! I just hope he can continue his cricketing-brilliance this winter, next summer and beyond – I don’t give a shit about all the houses he buys or whatever advert/product he wants to promote.

Oh, Hughes’s thing on the radio should be up on the Beeb’s site tomorrow.

Ashes DVDs and a couple of books

My 3-set Ashes DVD (£14.99) has been dispatched by Amazon – a weekend of beer, pizza and cricket awaits some time in the next couple of weeks! Also, two other books of note:

1) Simon Hughes’ new book, Morning Everyone, is released on October 20 (Thursday). A lot to live up to after his previous two books.

2) Gideon Haigh’s Ashes 2005. One of the best writers around, this should be an excellent – and one of the better – accounts of this summer’s Ashes. Out, too, on October 20.

So rare to have a feast of cricket-DVD-and-book’age happening – and it’s far too long to wait for Christmas! – so get ‘em now like I have.

Simon Hughes’ “Morning Everyone”

Simon Hughes

With a title no doubt influenced by his Channel 4 colleague, Mr Benaud, Simon Hughes “The Analyst’s” new book (out in October) has a finalised front cover. Very much looking forward to reading it after his first two were so excellent.

UPDATE 21 October 2005. The book is now available at Amazon, priced £10.19. For more cricket books, see this tag.

Tony Greig joins Channel 4 team

Tony Greig joins the Channel 4 team for this summer’s Ashes. Here are the following voices you’ll be listening to in a few weeks time:

Mark Nicholas, Richie Benaud, Mike Atherton, Geoff Boycott, Michael Slater and Simon Hughes

Simon Hughes’ new book


Pleased to note Simon Hughes, ex-cricketer, commentator and author has finished his latest book (think he finished it in the summer). Morning Everyone: A Sportswriter’s Life. Not out til October but worth pre-ordering. His other books, including Yakking Around The World on the right, are excellent too.

I like Hughes. He’s not a smooth operator as Mark Nicholas; doesn’t have the dry wit of Richie Benaud; is more sensible than the idiotic Dermot Reeve but has become a much respected “analyst” of Cricket with Channel 4 and knows his stuff.