Pakistan vs England, 3rd ODI

Kevin Pieterson is on his way home so he’ll miss the rest of the series. It seems as though he has a rib injury, although Corridor of Uncertainty staff haven’t been able to confirm a story that he had in fact been awarded the BBC “Chav of the Year” award. With Pakistan reinforced by the return of Shahid Afridi, I think they can go into this match as warm favourites.

Security is tight for the match…

With up to 3000 policemen drafted in to exercise crowd control, and the elite paramilitary Rangers on hand to protect the players as well, authorities on both sides are optimistic that the match will pass without a glitch.

Obviously the danger from Islamic terrorists the Barmy Army teenage cricket bloggers is being taken seriously so I’m sure the match will take place without a hitch.

Shahid Afridi’s breakdancing moves

Fool. Pity the fool. You don’t do that. How did he expect to get away with it? Even when Pietersen challenged him, he seemed to shrug it off as a joke and a “I don’t care; what are you gonna do about it son?” He’s got off lightly with a one-Test and three-ODI ban. The arrogance of it…

And I felt sorry for Inzy – he was only trying to get out of the way. What a day. Sorry I didn’t have a post available for you lot, I overslept…

My First Bulletin

I’m sounding like a commercial for a toy company or something with that headline. I’ve been awake and alive since 2.30am – much to the great amusement of my boss. Anyway, an interesting day’s play at Faisalabad which Pakistan ended well on top. I dread to think what Afridi could do tomorrow. I was doing the bulletin, which is a far harder task than anyone can give credit for, which was all going swimmingly until my close-of-play report…which was a rather limp effort. But, it’s all a learning curve and “things can only get better!” etc. Marvellous.

Video of Shahid Afridi’s 45 ball century

UPDATE November 20 2005 – He’s going beserk against England today.

Great video to download of Shahid Afridi’s 45 ball century: here