Cricket in the foothills of a mountain

Bit of a photography fiend, me, and this shot combines both my passions: landscape photography and cricket. Just look at it for God’s sake! The ground, for want of a better description, is at Sannox, on the Isle of Arran but yet again, the poor old Sannox team were left waiting by their Glasgow opponents. The local rag, The Arran Voice, said the team were “rightly cheesed off”.

Can v NZ; Neth v Scot, World Cup

Canada take on New Zealand and Netherlands face Scotland in today’s games. I was depressed and alarmed at Zimbabwe’s listless, pathetic performance yesterday. They were shockingly poor. But as my boss noted, it’s not the players’ who are to blame. They’re just too young, too inexperienced. Nevertheless, they should not be in this tournament – morally or otherwise. Anyway, keep your eye on the scorecards below and leave your thoughts, like the winners you all are.

Canada v New Zealand scorecard
Netherlands v Scotland scorecard

Ken v NZ; Scot v SA, World Cup

Kenya take on New Zealand today – can’t wait to hear how that goes. New Zealand looked good against England (not hard) but Kenya…well, I really fancy their chances. How they cope with the tournament’s most outstanding fast bowler, Shane Bond, will be interesting.

Scorecard links are below…then leave your thoughts.

Kenya v New Zealand
Scotland v South Africa

Aus v Scot. Can v Ken. World Cup

Two cracking games today: Australia v Scotland; Canada v Kenya. I still fancy Scotland to upset somebody, perhaps not Australia though. Stranger things happen though.

I’ve a day off so will miss both of them…leave your own thoughts below.

World Cup, third warm-ups: live discussion

The penultimate day of warm-ups. Bangladesh and Scotland ought to be a good game. Bermuda v Zimbabwe…less so.

Bangladesh v Scotland
Three Ws Oval, Bridgetown, Barbados

Bermuda v Zimbabwe
Arnos Vale Ground, Kingstown, St Vincent

Canada v Ireland
Sir Frank Worrell Memorial Ground, St Augustine, Trinidad

Kenya v Netherlands
Trelawny Stadium, Jamaica

World Cup. First warm-ups: live discussion

So, the warm-ups are upon us. Today’s are as follows

Bermuda v England
Arnos Vale Ground, Kingstown, St Vincent

Ireland v South Africa
Sir Frank Worrell Memorial Ground, St Augustine, Trinidad

Scotland v Sri Lanka
Three Ws Oval, Bridgetown, Barbados

Kenya v West Indies
Trelawny Stadium, Jamaica

It should be particularly fascinating watching, or hearing about, Scotland battle against Sri Lanka and Kenya’s match against the West Indies. Anyway, this is being posted a couple of days in advance so who knows what might happen between now and Monday afternoon. Waffle away in the comments below.

Do you care about the Associates?

I’ve always been interested in the lower echelons of cricket, and was pleasantly surprised at the standard of cricket – in particular from Kenya, Scotland and Ireland – during the World Cricket League in Nairobi. But I remain realistic of their ability and a little clueless as to how they can develop and close the gap on Full Member nations.

What about you? This blog has never concentrated on any one aspect of the game – ok, so England have received a fair bit of attention – and most of you seem to have a broad interest of the game. Do you care about Ireland, Netherlands or Canada? Will you watch them in the World Cup? Do you follow their progress on other sites and, if so, which ones? Are you even aware Bermuda have a side?

Tell all.

Kenya bulldoze Scotland

I’ve been closely following Kenyan cricket in the past few months, as I’m off to Nairobi in a couple of weeks to cover the World Cricket League. Non-Test cricket has always interested me, but I freely admit that only until quite recently did I realise it had such a following. Kenya’s game looks and sounds in very good order at the moment, too.

I didn’t watch today’s one-dayer between Kenya and Scotland – the first in the ICC Tri-Series at Mombasa – but followed it on the scorecard from our scorer at the ground, and from our man-on-the-spot, David Waters, who kindly gave us some colour. Scotland took a right pasting and there was a fifty from Ravi Shah, making his comeback, who is one of the very classiest (so I’m told) non-Test batsmen out there. It’ll be terrific seeing him and others in Nairobi, and also watching the standard of cricket (and the level of interest).

Blind faith of cricket fans

A Scotsman has sold his house to follow England in the Ashes.
In case you mis-read that, I’ll type it again. A Scotsman has sold his house to follow England in the Ashes. Here’s the big winner:

He got £180,000 for his pad and is now jobless, homeless and watching England get a pasting in Australia. It could only happen to a Brit. More at the Mirror.

Cricket in Scotland

I’m not entirely sure this is a cricket ground, but it’s tagged as such…and either way, it’s a terrific shot which works very well in black and white. Dramatic.

The Haughs