Those bally fine chaps from the antipodes

If an advert like this appeared on a bus in Britain, slagging off the Aussues, the transport company would be sued on the spot (by the Australian embassy, firstly, followed by the Equality For All Things With Four Wheels movement).

Shuper advert that, though.

Aussie humour makes me smile


Corruption in The Ashes?

Read this bloke’s comment. A bitter fan, or does he have a point?

You effing pommy *****

Simon Katich was a little upset
Oh dear. Poor old Katich. I do feel sorry for him, as much as an Englishman can feel sorry for an Australian cricketer of course. His decision (LBW) was an absolute shocker. The Australia newspaper the Herald Sun reports that he really did lose the plot quite massively:

Billy Bareham, from Sussex, said: “Katich was being booed and jeered, although I did not hear anyone say anything specific to him.

“But then he shouted out, ‘You f—ing Pommy c—s.’ You could hear him carrying on mouthing off even once he got into the pavilion. He might’ve got a bad decision but there was no call for that sort of language.”

That’s just not cricket (sorry – predictable).

Poms. Australians. Asians.

Jagadish almost fails to have a go at England for once. Almost. Jagadish – a fine effort, but your post unfortunately still smacks of disrespect. Keep trying – we’ll make an England fan out of you eventually…