Ricky Ponting on the Adelaide Test

Quite an interesting podcast interview with Ricky Ponting can be heard here.

Simon Hughes is podcasting

Aside from his own Podcast, Rick Eyre mentions a couple of others: The Cover Drive and The Telegraph’s Simon Hughes. I like Hughes; he’s a really excellent writer, and his podcasts could be quite entertaining. I’m completely unconvinced about Podcasts…who has the time to listen to them all? Not I. I have an Ipod, but the whole “getting it on there” thing has me a bit confused. It’s not easy, and I’m not very clever. So until some genius makes it a simple case of plugging it in, leaving it for a minute, and unplugging then I can’t be naffed.

I’ll try Hughes’ out though…good on The Telegraph for being bold enough to try out a new technology, though.

Is that a podcast in your pocket, Sunny?

Apologies for the crude title. Apparently, Sunil Gavaskar is podcasting. I daren’t listen. Brave souls who venture further may report back here in the comments…

[via Rick (ta)]

Harmison’s homesickness. Again.

Yesterday saw yet further revelations and startling honesty from Harmison about his homesickness. I’ve written about it before, and Harmison’s spoken about it before – but that only makes the revelations even more bizarre. Not 12 months ago, people – me included – were calling him the best English fast bowler of his generation. Someone who could end up with over 300 Test wickets at a better strike rate than most. Someone who Stephen Fleming and Chris Cairns regarded as potentially greater than Glenn McGrath due to the bounce he offered.

All this, reduced to admissions of homesickness. Still – he did at least help destroy Leicestershire by blasting out 3 batsmen, so all is not lost just yet.

Let’s podcast – a cricket radio show

SkypeI had this idea a few weeks ago, but have only started writing it down today. Podcasting, as you’ll know, is really taking off – for those not familiar, Podcasting is basically amateur radio on the internet. (good article explaining it here). There are hundreds of topics, and people, Podcasting – but no one’s doing a cricket one. Yet.

So – how about this? Once a month (or more/less often) we (the global cricket-blogging-community, henceforth known as crogunity) could “meet up” via Skype and talk about the month’s events, or the recent matches or anything else “cricketly topical.” I, or someone else, could chair the “event” and fire questions to Australia, England, India – it would be a worldwide cricket radio show and would be fascinating (for us, if not anyone else!)

It wouldn’t be too similar to many of the Podcasts out there (a good thing) and could produce some lively and interesting debate. If anyone has any thoughts on this, then…chat away