Slinky Minki the fans’ favourite WAG

Sorry to lower the tone to such levels, but apparently Graeme Smith’s bit-on-the-side, Minki van der Westhuizen – Slinky Minki to some – has topped a poll of fans’ favourite WAGs. She has won the inaugural International Cricket Cutie Trophy organised by our good friends at Stick Cricket.

“Minki is a cricket fan’s dream woman. She’s sleek, sexy and with a successful career to boot,” Chris Berry, Stick Cricket’s director said. “Cricketers attract a finer class of WAG. While football is a game for chaps copping off with Chavs, cricket is a game for gentlemen going out with goddesses.”

Definitely a contender for quote-of-the-week. If you don’t know who Minki is, here she is:

Photo of Slinki Minki

Slinky Minki

Enjoyable article at BBC about the gorgeous Minki van der Westhuizen
, girlfriend of SA Captain G.Smith. I now have a non-cricketing reason to hate him – hurrah!