Ian Healy bowling as Merv Hughes (video)

Another superb video from Youtube. It’s Ian Healy bowling in the style of Merv Hughes (complete with tache and beer belly), Malcolm Marshall and Abdul Qadir.

If you can’t see the video above, click.

Fogies at the WACA

Where did that word, fogies, go? It’s hardly ever in use these days. Anyway. A bunch of them are playing in a Legends Twenty20 match at Perth today, including Angus Fraser, Devon Malcolm, Dennis Lillee and a frightening looking Merv Hughes.

Those links are to the photos at Cricinfo.

A brief winter rumination

Greetings from Adelaide. I haven’t put finger to keyboard for a while, for the fairly obvious reason that the Australian cricket team is having a well earned break. And what is good enough for the boys in Baggy Green is good enough for me.

Having said all that, I am starting to get bored. It does seem like a long time ago that Jason Gillespie scored a double century, and the Ashes action doesn’t fire up again until November 23, still four months away.

Well, if Justin Langer can have a cameo to keep the cobwebs at bay, then so can I. I was glad to see that he got himself a decent old 300, because there has actually been cricket in Australia this month, with a semi-triangular tournament featuring Australian A sides against ‘A’ sides from India, Pakistan and New Zealand. And in the four day game that was played Phil Jaques scored 240 and 117 against India A.

Langer also made a point to tell Merv Hughes off for complaining that Australia were too chummy with the English last year. The best traditions of the game are that you fight like hell on the field and then you have a beer and a laugh off it. Rather a pity that Merv of all people forgot that. It’s not like Merv was not a bit of a beer-drinker himself.

Apart from that little conflab, there’s not much else to report from Australia. Notes are being taken about all these injuries that England are suffering. I don’t think the people who are paying a fortune for tickets on e-Bay really want to see a second-string England get ripped apart by the Australians though. That would just be deja-vu all over again.

Brett Lee does the double

Brett Lee today reached the impressive milestone of 1000 Test runs in addition to his 200 wickets. He’s made vital, match-saving runs in the past two years – it’s a bloody good stat, and his average is all the more impressive: 21.31. The last Australian to do this was Shane Warne, whose batting ability is vastly underrated; Merv Hughes was the last to achieve it before Warne. Stats at Cricinfo.

Incidentally, one of my favourite aspects of Cricinfo’s new scorecards (which are still being tested) is the ability to see full commentary of a player’s innings. Here’s Lee’s.

South Africa v Australia, 3rd Test, Johannesburg, 2nd day

The second day from Jo’burg. And it’s April 1! Therefore, I can say with the utmost sincerity that Ricky Ponting has retired; Merv Hughes is returning to cricket and will play for England; Wasim Akram is also returning. To captain India. And the ICC have removed the West Indies’ Test status and replaced them with Russia.

Who ate all the pies?

Darren Lehmann has nominated fellow fattie Mark Cosgrove to be Australia’s new batting sensation who can win the 2007 World Cup for Australia. Cosgrove was so fat at the start of the season that the South Australian selectors told him to put down that pie and lose some weight before they’d consider him. To the lad’s credit, he’s shrunk enough to get back into the side, and has had a merry old time of it in both forms of the game. He’s still a figure of substance though, and I can’t imagine the selectors liking his fielding atheleticism too much.

While I don’t think Cosgrove will get in for 2007 World Cup, he may well feature in the baggy green afterwards, because he’s quality. And speaking as a fellow-fattie, I think it’s a myth that only skinny weedy guys can be good fielders. With Merv Hughes on the selection panel, I’d like to think that Cosgrove has a chance, but after muching on it, you have to admit he’s a real outsider.

Justin Langer: it’s a game, not war

Found via Cricinfo:

“You’ve still got to have the courtesy to say: ‘Are you all right mate? You OK?’ I said to a number of their players: ‘This isn’t a war, this is a game’.”

Justin Langer after Ricky Ponting was hit in the cheek by Steve Harmison on the first morning at Lord’s. Ponting’s cut from the grille of his helmet required eight stitches

The only question I’d ask would be: why? Have Glenn McGrath, Jason Gillespie, Merv Hughes, Craig McDermott and other Aussie fast bowlers of the past 15 years be known to ask after a batsman’s health or wellbeing? I didn’t think so. It was a nasty incident, but perhaps Langer forgot that England were (and still are – I refuse to be downbeat!) up for a fight on that Thursday morning, and weren’t going to bend over backwards to see if Ponting was ok.

I can’t help feeling that the Australians aren’t great at receiving bullying tactics, but they’re past-masters at dishing it out.

Marsh, Lawson and Hughes joining TMS

Merv Hughes, Geoff Lawson and Rod Marsh are all joining TMS this summer – a great lineup. Will be particularly interested to hear Marsh’s thoughts now that he’s no longer England’s Academy director. He’ll bring a unique insight into England (and Australia) – should be fun. Can’t wait to hear Hughes and Blowers on in tandem! “My dear old thing, what a spiffing moustache – OH WAIT there’s a red bus/dove/pigeon/hamburger going past” etc.

Merv becomes selector

Two of the best moustaches in world cricket are Australia selectors: David Boon and, now, Merv Hughes