Corporate monsters couldn’t give a Fourex

Couldn't give a fourex
Australia’s chief selector, scourge of Poms and all-round good guy Allan Border has been forced to resign his post as chairman of selectors because of a ‘conflict of interest’ involving beer sponsorship. I am not making this up.

The former Test captain recently fronted advertisements for XXXX Gold, owned by Lion Nathan, which is sponsoring beach cricket this summer in Sydney, the Gold Coast and Perth. Border will represent Australia in the tournament, alongside greats such as Dennis Lillee, Jeff Thomson and Dean Jones.

That, however, does not impress Foster’s, a major sponsor of cricket. It recently announced a new deal with Cricket Australia, in which it would no longer be the naming rights sponsor of the triangular one-day series, but increase its commercial involvement at grassroots level.

Geoff Donohue, corporate affairs spokesman for Foster’s, said the XXXX campaign involving Border was little more than ambush marketing.

“We think ambush marketing is fairly un-Australian,” he said. “I will leave you to decide whether what they are doing with their current advertising campaigns is ambush marketing.

“I guess Allan has [resigned as a national selector] in pursuit of his own commercial interests. But we are thrilled with our association with Cricket Australia and the Australian cricket team, and we’re more than happy with the access we have to the current players.”

If you are that thrilled to be associated with Cricket Australia, then I’m sure you won’t be that miffed with Allan Border continuing his association with the XXXX brand that has been ongoing for the past twenty years.

Fosters: couldn’t give a fourex about, well, anyone.

Show me the money!!!

Saatchi and Saatchi have signed a three year marketing deal with Sachin Tendulkar that is worth $US 40 million.

That is $A 50 million, 1.8 billion rupees, or about £20 million. Lots of dosh, anyway

Vaughan and Flintoff top best-sellers

“Ask any taxi driver what books they have read, and one of them will be a sporting biography and the other The Da Vinci Code,” so says someone on the BBC news just now. In it, the Beeb report on Andrew Flintoff’s and Michael Vaughan’s biographies, both of which are now topping the best-sellers in a lot of bookshops.

An interesting phenomenon, the sporting biography. I’ve yet to read either but plan to over Christmas. Basically, the report was saying that being a good sportsman is simply no longer enough: you’ve got to be marketable. So long as the players themselves can cope with the off-field attention, and the shiny people trying to make them a buck or 3, I’ve no problem with it – especially if it increases cricket’s revenue, and cricket’s reach to the public.

Simon ‘Yozza’ Hughes on the BBC


Bugger. Just missed Simon ‘Yozza’ Hughes on the BBC’s programme Loose Ends, who was speaking to promote his new book (which will be good). He also mentioned he’s been working on a DVD with, guess who, Andrew Flintoff. You can pre-order it at Amazon for about £15. Flintoff must surely now be the most marketable English cricketer, certainly since Botham but perhaps of all time.

Who’s tiring of it/him then?! I just hope he can continue his cricketing-brilliance this winter, next summer and beyond – I don’t give a shit about all the houses he buys or whatever advert/product he wants to promote.

Oh, Hughes’s thing on the radio should be up on the Beeb’s site tomorrow.