Fleming’s attack on Richardson ‘a joke’

Well, this is odd. Stephen Fleming was heard attacking Mark Richardson on TV yesterday (see the video here). CricketWeb now say that it was a joke:

Updated 13 March 2005, 8:40pm NZ time: Cricket Web can now confirm that Stephen Fleming’s attack on former team mate Mark Richardson was a joke. Richardson explained on New Zealand television tonight that Fleming having a go at him, in calling him an ‘idiot’ and criticising his commentary, was for “The Cricket Company”, a cricket show that Richardson co-hosts. Fleming and Richardson were seen laughing together over the shoot, after it had finished.

All rather amusing

Mark Richardson talking about Australia

Excellent. On face value, it appears Mark Richardson is making a mockery of this so called “talented” Australian cricket team. In his BBC article, he…well, I’ll post bits below:

There is nothing flashy about the way they bowl. They are not quick and do not, in fact, do anything that special.

Alas, Mark goes on to explain that Australia is “machine like!” Come on New Zealand – you live closer to Australia than the rest of us; can’t you pick up on any tips? After a whalloping by them, you should be in their faces, not conceding defeat so easily.

It’s actually very interesting what he has to say – he’s an intelligent, humorous bloke with some insightful thoughts on Australia’s dominance

Cricketers are ALL slimline athletes!

Update: Stephen Fleming attacks Mark Richardson, or does he?! It was a joke apparently.

Update: click here to listen to the MP3 of the race.

I think you’ll agree that this shows the true fitness of cricketers; lean, mean, sporting machines. Or not, as Mark Richardson and Darren Lehmann perfectly demonstrate here! This is a bit of fun Mark Richardson has introduced over the past few years – donning a full-length (swimming?) costume, and challenging the least-athletic of the opposing team, at the end of a series! Great fun :)

Although one wonders if this isn’t just an opportunity for NZ to start winning something (sorry) :)