London County Cricket Club – Pop Idol final?

Just remembered, today is the final of the London County Cricket Club’s “pop idol” style talent scout. And here are the winners, from

Tahir Afridi
Irfan Ahmed
Hasan Bajwa
Christopher Brophy
Ashley Caddy
Andrew Carter
Tom Clarke
Matthew Currin
Alex Day
Daniel De Leon
Chetan Depala
Ahmad Elech
Mike Fair
Kalana Geekiyana
Alex Hales
Brett Houston
Gemaal Hussain
Saahil Jain
Gagandeep Jauhar
Jason Lane
Bradley Matthews
Mohit Mehta
Jonathan Miles
John Nurden
Khawaja Omer
Dominic O’Neil
Ridwan Patel
Janan Rajaratnam
Ravinder Sidhu
Tom Strong
Tim Wellings

It’ll be fascinating to see how these lot develop, if at all, and whether any counties sign them…or even if any play for England! We’re traditionally injury-prone every few years, so…