Australia take series against South Africa

So much for South Africa’s “go for broke” rubbish. What a Test Ricky Ponting had. It almost defies belief; two hundreds in a match is always a special moment, but in your hundredth Test? He might as well retire now (and indeed let’s hope he does before the Ashes). What a chuffing legend.

Blogging is sparse and rare these days. It’s really tricky, without a laptop and internet connection…but bear with me. I’m in a grubby, drab internet cafe, which really is not where I’d choose to spend my days off – and this keyboard is soon going to be thrown out of the window onto Kensington High Street. Feels as though I’m typing on a potatoe, or a sponge. No spell checker either, so forgive the spooling mustakes.

Fred drinks for England

Great article in today’s Times: Flintoff drinks for England! During the celebrations, it was obvious he was mullered, but the article details the exact quantities. What a champion.

Flintoff booze-watch

6.15pm Champagne

8pm – midnight Beer

Midnight – 4am Gin & Tonics

4am – 7am Vodka & Cranberry juice

7am Beer for breakfast

8am – 1pm Intermittent champagne-swigging

3pm Beer in Tony Blair’s back-garden

Great performance, that. A drinking-session of nearly 21 hours is truly inspirational! And the article ends with this:

Clearly thrilled with helping to bring home the Ashes, he told reporters that he was also being awarded the ancient honour of the freedom of his home town, Preston.

“That means I can drive a flock of sheep through the town centre, drink for free in no less than 64 pubs and get a lift home with the police when I become inebriated,” he said. “What more could you want?”

What are the odds on someone appearing on TV in the next few days, claiming it’s irresponsible of him to be so drunk on national TV? Jonathan Agnew said there was a “broadcasting ban” on interviewing, which he himself found a bit sad. I hope no-one kicks up a fuss about his partying – and if they do, they should be forced to party with big Fred for a 21-hour session :)