Pakistan v England, 3rd Test, Lahore, 4th day

It’s all going a bit wrong for England, isn’t it? Akmal played very well though yesterday – although I can’t help feeling England looked flat, again. The penultimate day of the last Test of a momentus year for English cricket is upon us – chat away with zeal and splendour!

Pakistan v England, 3rd Test, Lahore, 3rd day

The third day of the third Test – a day which is oft said to be the most crucial in a Test. That being the case, tomorrow might well be the turning point of the series. Crack on, chat away, and amuse yourselves with great gusto! Splendid

Pakistan v England, 3rd Test, Lahore, 2nd day

“England waste golden chance” was the headline which led Cricinfo after about midday at Cricinfo, which sums things up. England did waste their chance, in what has been a forgettable series for them and a rather anticlimatic one at that. I’m speaking as an English supporter firstly, but I’m not naive enough to ignore the efforts of Pakistan who have been shown immense pride and fight in all three Tests. Anyway, I’m back at Cricinfo tomorrow so will have my eye closely watching the events at Lahore. In the meantime, chat away.

Common Sense

So England stumbled to 248 for 6 when bad light brought a halt to proceedings. It seems to me that this is the custom in Pakistan. Given slow over rates, there is always the demand for the ‘extra’ half hour to get the regulation 90 overs in, so the chances of this happening in Lahore at this time of year are possibly nil.

In fact, Pakistan managed to bowl 77 overs today.

This situation is farcical. Between slow over-rates and bad light, 78 overs were lost during the Second Test, which almost certainly cost Pakistan the game. The solution of course is to schedule Test matches in Pakistan to go for six days of five hours, rather then the traditional five days of six hours.

That way, cricket would be conforming with the natural geography of Pakistan, rather then trying to force the natural geography of Pakistan to conform with cricket. It is just common sense.

Pakistan v England, 3rd Test, Lahore, 1st day

Can England pull it back to level the series, or will Pakistan be too strong? Both teams have lost key players and I think Osman Samiuddin sums up the situation rather eloquently and simply:

Eventually though, all these factors (weather permitting of course) will go into the making of only one question, one that decides this series. Is winning a series after two years more important to Pakistan than avoiding a series loss after two years is to England?

Calamity and disaster all over the world

You go away for a few days, and what happens? Australia crush the West Indies as though swatting away a pesky fly, and England limp along in Lahore aided by some useful bowling (by both sides, actually). Not the best of starts for England, is it?

Irish sums up the situation rather more eloquently than I…